Let’s talk.

Science tells us that we, as human beings, are gifted in the sense that we possess the ability to think- something that animals cannot do. This ability has lead us to make discoveries and inventions, to establish structured education, and overall, to evolve into what we are today. Thinking is a blessing. But recently, I've… Continue reading Let’s talk.



I stand. I stand with my feet deep into the beach sand. I stand and I see you. I see you but I can't reach you. I stretch. I stretch my arms into the depth of the waters. And I find you. Fallen. Into the valleys of the oceans of your mind. You feel like… Continue reading You


You want life. You want to live but for others. You want to please. You want to see the happiness reflect off the faces you touched. You want satisfaction. You want the axe that cut the tree and you want to make it pay. You want love. You want life again- anew, untouched, unbroken. You… Continue reading Desiderate

A Ray of Hope

It was so hard to concentrate. She had no idea what to do. She had not seen Texas before, and she had no clue which road led where. It was midnight and the woods were dark and scary. Should she run? Should she scream for help? Should she hide? What if he finds her… all… Continue reading A Ray of Hope

Prism of Horror

Hearing her own breath, In this little room of darkness The walls reflecting her own fear, Terror rushing through, forming a prism of horror. In this hushed room- Solitude that is unwanted, Silence that is unknown, Shelter that is perilous. Open eyes, hurting to be closed And a beating heart that ceases to slow.. Should… Continue reading Prism of Horror

This is not how it was supposed to be

This is not how it was supposed to be Life, as I know now, and before, Was never this genuine, never this kind. Twists and turns, pits and holes Numerous, unending, unpredictable. This is not how it was supposed to be You, us, this unbelievable thing Has put me into a dilemma Can such things… Continue reading This is not how it was supposed to be


The ultimate quest for independence.