The Tiny Happy Place

I love to travel.

I love to travel, but not around the world; not to different countries, not to see the wonders of the world, not to physically move from one place to another. But I love to travel.

I love how I can travel and see every place possible within the four walls of my room. I can travel to the beautiful hut I have built for myself near a splendid lake, with greenery all around, a small swing set by the side, and a lawn as big as my city. Here, I can sleep how much ever I want, do what I want, listen to music, read as many books as I want, and eat what I want (without gaining any weight. Yeah baby!). It’s calm here, all the time. No disturbance, no responsibilities to fulfil. Here, I have no worries, no exams to give. This is the one place I love to travel to, whenever I feel sad or lonely- and it never fails to cheer me up. I can travel to this place whenever I want- during a boring lecture, while having lunch or even while listening to a friend’s life story. This is not just my happy place- it’s the place that makes me love life and to appreciate every bit of it. I wish I could stay there forever.

It’s just wishful thinking, and I know that it’s never going to happen. But just those few seconds are enough to calm me down completely and to make me love this world even more. It’s impossible that this place actually exists; however, I will never give up searching for it. Finding it will definitely be a dream come true. But if I don’t ever find it, I know I just have to close my eyes and it will be right there- just waiting for me.

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