Like a lot of other people, I was really excited about watching The Scorch Trials. As a huge fan of the Maze Runner Series (and James Dashner, of course!), I went into the theatre with high hopes. And after the movie, I pretty much walked out devastated. The whole plot of the story has been changed in the movie. It was kind of expected; since Maze Runner, the first movie was very different from the book too. However, I did not expect that the actual story of Scorch Trials would be torn apart and changed into something completely different. The characters, the plot twists, and not to mention- the way they die (shh..)- basically everything had gone through a lot of change.

Though, I must agree that some visualisations in the movie were just great- especially the way the ‘cranks’ are shown, and the whole fight between them has been portrayed perfectly- thanks to the director Wes Ball. Whereas certain parts of the movie are just disappointing- especially the way it ends. I’m sure everyone who went to watch the movie after reading the book series was very frustrated by the end. I understand that it’s not easy, if not impossible, to follow every single description as it is in the book, but it also doesn’t hurt that much to stick to the storyline.

Though I sure love that the movie carried on one important aspect from the book- it did not centre on and around the life events of just one individual, or the protagonist, Thomas; rather all characters in the book and movie were given their share of importance. And it’s emotional, yes. I couldn’t help but cry every time Thomas did- my mirror neurons just couldn’t stop firing so hard. And I sure loved the tiny bromantic scenes here and there.

Even though I’m highly disappointed, I still can’t wait to watch the next part (and then cry about that as well). As an advice, if you haven’t read the series, there’s a possibility that you’ll like the movie. But if you have, and you feel like punching someone so badly in the face right now- well, join the club! Don’t worry though, I’m not going to reveal any spoilers (which I badly want to), so I’m just going to stop before I put it up here.


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