A New Life

It’s like a void-

that needs filling in.

It’s an empty space,

held once by someone.

That part of life-

the time span,

all shattered into pieces,

like exhausted glass.

The memories..

stretched to their potential,

and that disappear now,

into nothingness.

For once those memories,

that gave you joy,

now pain, hurt

like the thorns just below a flower.

Fascinating you with its beauty-

enchanting you with its heavenly scent.

And then- ripping your skin apart..

reminding you of the Truth.

The emptiness in one’s heart,

the sudden realisation,

of the depth of reality

hits you hard.

Hard enough to throw you

off the ground,

into another dimension

of denial, delusions.

It’s easy to say those words

“forget and move on”

but a million times more difficult to adhere

to the voices in your head.

Those emotions, the feelings

that both once shared,

are now forced to be forgotten..

pushed into places one can’t reach.

How long will it be,

to come back to reality?

How long, for it to break off,

its shackles, and be free again?

But when reality is accepted,

Life is taken into charge,

distractions work their best-

to keep you apart.

For once the Test

has been passed,

there won’t be anything to fear..

there will be a new Life, all over again.


The Wanderer

Far far away lies,

the land unknown-

to a wanderer’s presence..

Oh! The delight, the joy.

Ascribing to one’s needs,

the instinctual drive,

to foresee each minute movement,

to explore the detailed reigns.

Like the cry of a new born,

or its curiosity for a toy,

Long goes the wanderer;

examining all possible means.

For all one knows,

discovery and knowledge,

of use for the mankind

instead cloud his hope, his mind.

Far goes the wanderer,

to discover such land,

for himself, constructed on egocentrism-

and his unending greed for bliss.

Overturned, overwhelmed-

does he seek his awareness?

Not long before pride overtakes,

rushing all over his veins.

With no obligation or bond,

the wanderer goes further

deep into his personal thoughts,

No worries for tomorrow.

Battling against his own evil

does he hunt for shelter?

Or lives under the realm

of distrust and disbelief?

Making room for the discovery,

not giving himself the faith,

the wanderer dies one day-

his wisdom entrapped in ego.

Can it be said so,

his lack of fear got him so far?

Or rather, his instincts-

the thirst to explore?

Not far away maybe

in the lands unknown,

a wanderer once lived;

Keen and curious.

The Flawless Shade

As I take the weight off my feet,

Thoughts crossing over my mind..

What all can be penned down,

And what all seems blind.

With a sketch I stare,

I dream, I think of you..

Everything writes itself down

To days I feel blue.

To pick an impeccable colour,

And to create the flawless shade,

With a tinge of love and perfection,

Is the art that would never fade.

Not sure if this will go as planned,

Not sure if it will start..

Not sure if it’s for ever,

Not sure if we will part.

Well, maybe its destiny,

Or maybe it’s a clue.

Maybe it’s just life,

Or maybe it’s you.

Animal Lover

I have no clear idea of when I started to develop this intense love for animals. But I do remember this one time- I was about 5-6 years old, and I saw mom bring a few eggs home-to be cooked, obviously. I knew that those tiny little chicks hatched from these eggs, and that the mother keeps them warm till they are ready to hatch. And showing some courage, I went and stole an egg from the refrigerator, and hid it under my blanket, so it stays warm. I kept it there, right next to me on the bed, and while waiting for it to hatch (I actually believed it would), drifted off to sleep. Well, the egg didn’t hatch, but it sure created one hell of a mess.
I learnt one thing that day- that those eggs don’t hatch and that you never keep an egg on the bed (that had a greater impact because of all the shouting I received). I really wanted the egg to hatch though.
For a long time I’ve been asking my parents for a pet. But all I get is- “you can’t handle yourself, how will you handle another animal?”, and “you will go away to college or to work, and I’ll have to take care of all the mess that it creates”. And of course “you all are like animals only, please I don’t want any more.” I really can’t help but laugh at that one. And obviously there is that ‘no pets allowed in the apartment’ card that my mother uses all the time. I gave up after trying every possible way out to get a pet. None of my tricks worked- I mean, seriously, I even made them watch Hachiko! Even after all the tears!
Most of us will agree that company of animals is far better than that of humans. Even if they don’t know to communicate like humans do, but they sure know their own language of comfort, safety, and security. You know that when the world is against you, this one will stay right beside you at all times. And no matter what, they will never leave your side. They truly are our companions in sickness and in health. And hey, I just realised that being called an animal is actually a compliment! So next time someone calls you a bitch, cow or pig, just smile and say thank you!
All this has got me to contemplate and I’ve been thinking of joining an NGO that works especially for animals (in Bangalore I haven’t found any, and suggestions are welcome) and maybe becoming an Animal Rights Activist by profession. Well, only time will tell what it actually turns out to be.