The Wanderer

Far far away lies,

the land unknown-

to a wanderer’s presence..

Oh! The delight, the joy.

Ascribing to one’s needs,

the instinctual drive,

to foresee each minute movement,

to explore the detailed reigns.

Like the cry of a new born,

or its curiosity for a toy,

Long goes the wanderer;

examining all possible means.

For all one knows,

discovery and knowledge,

of use for the mankind

instead cloud his hope, his mind.

Far goes the wanderer,

to discover such land,

for himself, constructed on egocentrism-

and his unending greed for bliss.

Overturned, overwhelmed-

does he seek his awareness?

Not long before pride overtakes,

rushing all over his veins.

With no obligation or bond,

the wanderer goes further

deep into his personal thoughts,

No worries for tomorrow.

Battling against his own evil

does he hunt for shelter?

Or lives under the realm

of distrust and disbelief?

Making room for the discovery,

not giving himself the faith,

the wanderer dies one day-

his wisdom entrapped in ego.

Can it be said so,

his lack of fear got him so far?

Or rather, his instincts-

the thirst to explore?

Not far away maybe

in the lands unknown,

a wanderer once lived;

Keen and curious.


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