A New Life

It’s like a void-

that needs filling in.

It’s an empty space,

held once by someone.

That part of life-

the time span,

all shattered into pieces,

like exhausted glass.

The memories..

stretched to their potential,

and that disappear now,

into nothingness.

For once those memories,

that gave you joy,

now pain, hurt

like the thorns just below a flower.

Fascinating you with its beauty-

enchanting you with its heavenly scent.

And then- ripping your skin apart..

reminding you of the Truth.

The emptiness in one’s heart,

the sudden realisation,

of the depth of reality

hits you hard.

Hard enough to throw you

off the ground,

into another dimension

of denial, delusions.

It’s easy to say those words

“forget and move on”

but a million times more difficult to adhere

to the voices in your head.

Those emotions, the feelings

that both once shared,

are now forced to be forgotten..

pushed into places one can’t reach.

How long will it be,

to come back to reality?

How long, for it to break off,

its shackles, and be free again?

But when reality is accepted,

Life is taken into charge,

distractions work their best-

to keep you apart.

For once the Test

has been passed,

there won’t be anything to fear..

there will be a new Life, all over again.


2 thoughts on “A New Life

  1. Shankrith Devvarman

    this new life you’ve begun,
    it seems scary at start.
    for who what’s out there,
    maybe something worse.
    Clueless of the minds, the actions, the ideas.
    Reminding you of the bruises of the past,
    because at least they were yours.
    But remember, to flip over the page with which you’re done,
    because at the end will be only that smiling face and there will be none.
    So let go and dive into the exciting present,
    for you will find a soul in the sea of misfortune,
    who will fill those voids, fill the emptiness, kiss the skin back to its recovery.
    But remember to smile wide, maybe even like a fool,
    for there lies your most powerful tool.

    (This isnt half as good as yours, but I was hoping for a happy ending in your awesome poem, so decided to finish it myself)

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