The Shackles of Love

Fearful, frightened, terrified

she treads over the sea.

Holding a tiny bundle of cloth,

her steps so light.

Consciousness taking over her poor state,

Deprived of sleep, love

Every now and then she looks

at the cover in her hands..

With eyes so dark, so wide

followed by a relieved utterance.

Dark eyes staring right back at her,

and that beautiful moment shared between them

tells them everything is okay.

Enveloped in their tiny little world,

mother and daughter escape

from fate, the so-called destiny,

still on the hunt.

A continuous struggle, a fight

or is it, just another act?

For praised are those

on the war field, their bravery

their courage and steady minds..

Not fearful, not frightened,

And not terrified.

Unexpected and unprepared they go,

indifferent to the chaos.

With shackles now only on each other,

The shackles of love.


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