Today A Great Man Died

Call the mourners,

call the police.

Call the armoured army beasts.

Today a great man died!

He was a warrior, he was a prince.

Oh, he was a definite man of dreams!

It was the time when the whole world cried,

oh today a great man died!

Spend all the money over the burial,

his ghost must be filled with pride.

With his honour, his greatness and bravery,

oh, today a great man died!

He lies with his head held high,

all his life committed to mankind.

But death is what he gave to himself,

and to men he turned blind.

Sadness for the dead overtakes

while lives mourn and cry.

No coin to tease, a stomach to feed

when great men all die!

World runs on cognition, they say

Calculated and measured every move.

And reasoned by men all grey,

what dead will now do prove?

To our tears, our sobs.

To bodies filled with sorrow,

to the men of daylight united mobs,

and to the hearts they borrow.

He went on his own, to rules abide.

He went on his way, none the side.

Fighting for people, caring alike,

Oh today! A great man died.


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