All The Hues

A set of colours,
Six dibs of paint.
A blank canvas,
And oh, those blissful claims!

That well set blend,
Or colours of fortune?
One’s life, one’s soul..
Oh, let what future behold!

All expectations, the experiences
Colour the base dim blue,
And hope, faith, give
a slight, yellowish hue.

‘Don’t forget the red, dear’
‘and oh, orange!’
‘and sparkles, glittery shine
Of those twinkles once clear’

Even though the picture displays
All the vibrant plates-
One over another form,
Altogether a different shade!

And yet it somehow remains,
Incomplete, awaiting, curious..
With paints and brushes in our hands,
And the clock, so insidious!

Friends, neighbours, parents, strangers,
All fill in their tints.
Of different shadows, all concoctions..
Alas, yet white spaces remain!

With time, the canvas grows larger,
To house more, new lives
And moan for those up above
For all these colours abide!

Every minute, every moment
Every hour of the day,
We cart the canvas where we go..
And paint our curious way!


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