The Comfortable Silence

It all happened this one random day..
An unexpected turn of events.
As if life, now uninterested,
turned in for experimentation.

For those of the lovely kind..
And I cannot tell-
if it was fortune, destiny,
purpose, or a simple accident.

Those faces- that only saw one another,
to greet each other
with a hello, or a good bye..
Now, could not stop speaking!

Just like those midnight dew drops,
or the optimistic morning hue,
they talked and talked
only separated by sleep.

As time played its part,
every moment became a memory.
And the faces grew,
to eventually adore each other..

To a point where no amount of differences
really mattered anymore.
And no amount of empty silence
could fill in any negativity.

Slowly, it became a task,
a liking, and a habit..
Finding the love hidden in insults,
and reading to one another so they could sleep.

As beautiful as it became,
like those delightful evenings,
and the perfect New Year sky..
the silence finally grew to be comfortable.


7 thoughts on “The Comfortable Silence”

  1. Hey just came across your blog its really interesting, nice poem by the way .
    Is that poem dedicated to a friend you had hope you guys can patch up someday .

    Liked by 1 person

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