Hobby or passion?

I was interning as a content writer in college since the past few months, and it all initially seemed so interesting and exciting to me. The thought that I would now be pursuing my favourite hobby and would probably turn it into something big only excited me more. And this was the time I would get to know how it would work out for me, I really looked forward to it and I can’t tell you how optimistic I was about it.
Well, I was wrong.
After about a month, I realised that it wasn’t really working out. It was a shock though, because I was doing what I loved, right? This was something that I had been dreaming of, and I was so happy that I could work as a content writer.
I guess I figured out what went wrong.
When I write, I like to write about any random thing I saw while walking, or write a poetry about some random thoughts that popped up in my head, and I really love doing that, even though there are little or no rewards that I get in return. It’s just something I love to do and just doing it makes me happy enough to continue writing. But the fact that I had to limit myself to the topics that not just interested me, but those that interested my superior. Dealing with deadlines, trying to impress other people, letting them judge everything I wrote was a definite pain. In the end, I realised that I was writing to please someone else, which I couldn’t do, and that was the bottom line.
Clearly, this internship did not really look appealing to me anymore. But I wouldn’t say that it was a complete waste. I did learn a very important thing: things that you love to do, that come to you intrinsically, when combined with extrinsic motivation like rewards, or certain guidelines, sure have an impact on your work. That could be for the good as well, but certainly it didn’t turn out that way for me.
I still do love to write, but I like it even better when I get nothing in return, when there are no barriers, no word limits, no guidelines, no pleasing anyone, and no deadlines. I can write when I want, about what I want and still get no appreciation, and I would be perfectly happy with that!
I know now not to mix my hobbies with my profession. But I don’t know if it’s the right thing, and I guess I have enough time to try more things and figure it out for myself.


3 thoughts on “Hobby or passion?

  1. Passion is what should drive a person. Without passion you aren’t going to be on top. Great story of your. Keep writing.
    And one thing for which i totally agreed that… Appreciation from others “readers” is the biggest motivation to us. I liked it.

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