​It’s a funny thing- this fate,
Full of surprises, shocks, and games.

It made us the best of friends-

From helping each other in need

To calling each other stupid names,

We’ve come a long way so far.

I do not know how to thank you

For all the support you’ve given me

When I felt I was falling down

You pulled me back up, made me stronger.

And there’s no doubt that when we part,

I will miss your stupid face and your stupid jokes.

And remember, that this is just a one time thing,

And I know I don’t say it much,

But you deserve all this appreciation,

All the happiness and all the joy in this world..

Like flocks of birds that guide each other,

You’ve guided me in tough times,

And helped me when I needed it the most..

You’ve made every rock as light as a feather

You’re an amazing friend

And I’m so happy I met you..

I wish you the happiest year and a life full of adventures.

Please stay the way you are,

Smart, friendly, humourous and caring.

You’re my brother, and my best friend too,

And here dear, I wish a very happy birthday to you!


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