In Retrospect

There were times we would run

carelessly off the streets.

All around the big ol’ world,

laughing out aloud like little freaks.

It was a time I would go back to,

in days of misery…

And in those days, I would find

that there was no wait, and no hurry.


It is a common thing,

to look back and reminisce.

For people are easy to find,

but comfort is the one we seek.

We would dance and sing,

and fight with each other too.

But I knew that when I needed it,

I would find the comfort in you.


Things might not be as they are now,

and tables might have turned all around.

But today, when I think of those days,

when I recall those memories,

I feel the spark, like I have found

something to treasure, and to lock with keys

of my mind, and open it every now and then.


And today, today was when I realized,

that the treasure chest still had some space.

For you reached me, unexpectedly.

I remember your face, those eyes

that reassured me, put me to ease.

The fights that kept me sane…

I remember all of it.

And I could not help but smile again.