Teenytiny Introduction

Howdy fellow people!

I am Avneet and I welcome you to my blog teenytinyways!

So what is this blog about? As the name suggests (I’m exaggerating, the name was REALLY random) this blog is about those teeny tiny things that effect all of us each and every day and all the teeny tiny ways in which we can deal with them. Ranging from world problems like global warming, to personal problems about not finding your perfect partner, from controversial issues to movie reviews, I will blog about anything and everything (I say ‘will’ because this is my first blog and my first try at blogging!). Since I’m doing my Bachelor in Science degree in Psychology (Hons.) and my interest in the subject, my blogs might be connected to Psychology in some way or the other.

You can also contact me on Facebook (Avneet Kaur Chawla), Instagram (avneetkchawla), Twitter (@avnykchawla) or email (avneetkchawla@gmail.com).

I will update my blog every Sunday, with some interesting stuff.

Thank You! ^_^


5 thoughts on “Teenytiny Introduction

      1. Can I give you a complement….You’re a cool Indian btw….Some Indians I meet over social media…they are like…racist with big ego problems…..
        You’re like the chill dude…. + that smile in your cover photo is cheesy 😀 😀

        Liked by 1 person

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