Yesterday, I dreamt of this wonderful place

with lawns, flowers, and teeny pups running about.

Everything was perfect, everything was insane

everything was a fairy tale beyond a doubt.

but there remained an unease,

feeling of an incomplete puzzle,

like the locks with missing keys,

and a belt with an absent buckle.

I ran into every room, looking for my dearest treasure

Guided by instinct, my own inner voice.

While the smell of fresh grass added the pleasure,

The brutal sensation gave me no choice.

Keeping one step ahead of the other,

Courageously, I started to uncover the maze.

Without looking around, I kept going further,

For one with no nerve surely pays.

Within no time, everything turned strange.

And at that very moment, all my courage melt

Into a million shreds, not adapt to change

Cutting all the comfort I had felt.

I woke up with a jerk, an overpowering sense of panic

Making me all sweaty and scared.

Trying to reason out my state of manic,

From the recent adventure I had dared.

I looked around with a mere instinctual need,

trying to make sense of reality.

And then, I saw you there, right next indeed,

My pearl in a midnight wave of the sea.

That was the point, the biggest tick,

To realise what’s the most essential for me,

My treasure, my soul, and my best pick

cause baby, there is not a world in this place I’d rather be.


This is not how it was supposed to be

This is not how it was supposed to be

Life, as I know now, and before,

Was never this genuine, never this kind.

Twists and turns, pits and holes

Numerous, unending, unpredictable.


This is not how it was supposed to be

You, us, this unbelievable thing

Has put me into a dilemma

Can such things happen? Or am I dreaming again…

This love- the give and take

The texts, the talks, the hugs, the walks

Drive me insane, foolish and crazy

And just thinking, just thinking..

About those wonderful days which, on count,

Open only three fingers

Out of the twenty two, and it leaves me

Anticipating, imagining, how everything would be

With you there, forever.


This is not how it was supposed to be

As if life now, erroneously

Took off its restraining shackles

Or maybe it is only for the time being,

Maybe just a break…

But I would like to extend this pause,

Till the end of time

I would love to keep you, to hold you in my arms

Look at you every day, every second

To be with you in every step you take

And I would love to be the One…


This is not how it was supposed to be

For I cannot tell, how everything would be

If it weren’t for you…

How I would live without that huge smile

Plastered on my face

How my heart would be, for once,

Beating slow and normal

And how my stomach would feel

Without those notorious butterflies…

I do not want it that way

I love how every day is with you

As if I’m looking at the world now,

Through a colourful lens

And I do not want to let go

Ever. Never.


Maybe then, I can say,

You and I. And us,

Wasn’t chance, fate or destiny.

Maybe then, after all,

This is how it was supposed to be.