Randomness #2

How easy really, is it, to get tired of life?

Difficult question to ask?

Actually, it’s pretty darn easy. Just try to remember the number of times you would have said ‘my life sucks’, or ‘why is my life like this’ or all related sentences till this point in your life. Or every time you’ve frowned at the thought of it.

I myself do it all the time. And then I think all deeply about how I should do something meaningful in life, continue all my hobbies, spend time with people, etcetera, etcetera.

But then, something comes up and I’m all busy again.

Well, I think, it’s actually pretty easy to find meaning in life.

You really don’t have to do it at all! Just let it go, think of the most random things in this world, distract yourself, and you’ll finally get to it somehow!
I haven’t had any sort of experience that made me appreciate life, no such insightful discussions with someone, near death experiences, or people’s lives that inspired me that much… Well, not yet.

However, just small walks on the terrace of my apartment early in the morning are enough to remind me of the complexity of this world, of how simple it is that makes it so complex in itself.

But, when you think about it, how can anything be simple to a level that makes it so complex? And yet, here we are, living in this bundle of simply complex world, whose horizons are knowingly unknown to us.

We look for answers everywhere- we want to know everything in such a small span of time. We want to know how, why, when, and where everything happens. And in this hurry of answering all these complex questions, we forget to look straight and appreciate this mysteriously beautiful place that has now become home to us.

It’s very difficult to wake myself up early in the morning every Sunday. But when I do, I don’t regret it one bit. Just one walk on the terrace, and there is this whole new refreshing wind running through my hair. There’s all these birds flying in the sky, squirrels running around, carrying nuts, or pigeons pecking at the small grains kept on the terrace by someone. And how they instantly fly with your one move. I always end up giggling at that.
How innocent and cheerful everything looks, sounds, and feels.

And to think that the next day I’ll have to get up earlier, go to ‘learn’ and ‘educate’ myself, and do things completely opposite of this just makes me get all cranky.

Why can’t we learn by exploring the world? Why isn’t reflection and articulation and appreciation a part of our curriculum?

What kind of knowledge is this, anyway?

Well, life really sucks, doesn’t it?


The Wanderer

Far far away lies,

the land unknown-

to a wanderer’s presence..

Oh! The delight, the joy.

Ascribing to one’s needs,

the instinctual drive,

to foresee each minute movement,

to explore the detailed reigns.

Like the cry of a new born,

or its curiosity for a toy,

Long goes the wanderer;

examining all possible means.

For all one knows,

discovery and knowledge,

of use for the mankind

instead cloud his hope, his mind.

Far goes the wanderer,

to discover such land,

for himself, constructed on egocentrism-

and his unending greed for bliss.

Overturned, overwhelmed-

does he seek his awareness?

Not long before pride overtakes,

rushing all over his veins.

With no obligation or bond,

the wanderer goes further

deep into his personal thoughts,

No worries for tomorrow.

Battling against his own evil

does he hunt for shelter?

Or lives under the realm

of distrust and disbelief?

Making room for the discovery,

not giving himself the faith,

the wanderer dies one day-

his wisdom entrapped in ego.

Can it be said so,

his lack of fear got him so far?

Or rather, his instincts-

the thirst to explore?

Not far away maybe

in the lands unknown,

a wanderer once lived;

Keen and curious.