Yesterday, I dreamt of this wonderful place

with lawns, flowers, and teeny pups running about.

Everything was perfect, everything was insane

everything was a fairy tale beyond a doubt.

but there remained an unease,

feeling of an incomplete puzzle,

like the locks with missing keys,

and a belt with an absent buckle.

I ran into every room, looking for my dearest treasure

Guided by instinct, my own inner voice.

While the smell of fresh grass added the pleasure,

The brutal sensation gave me no choice.

Keeping one step ahead of the other,

Courageously, I started to uncover the maze.

Without looking around, I kept going further,

For one with no nerve surely pays.

Within no time, everything turned strange.

And at that very moment, all my courage melt

Into a million shreds, not adapt to change

Cutting all the comfort I had felt.

I woke up with a jerk, an overpowering sense of panic

Making me all sweaty and scared.

Trying to reason out my state of manic,

From the recent adventure I had dared.

I looked around with a mere instinctual need,

trying to make sense of reality.

And then, I saw you there, right next indeed,

My pearl in a midnight wave of the sea.

That was the point, the biggest tick,

To realise what’s the most essential for me,

My treasure, my soul, and my best pick

cause baby, there is not a world in this place I’d rather be.


In Retrospect

There were times we would run

carelessly off the streets.

All around the big ol’ world,

laughing out aloud like little freaks.

It was a time I would go back to,

in days of misery…

And in those days, I would find

that there was no wait, and no hurry.


It is a common thing,

to look back and reminisce.

For people are easy to find,

but comfort is the one we seek.

We would dance and sing,

and fight with each other too.

But I knew that when I needed it,

I would find the comfort in you.


Things might not be as they are now,

and tables might have turned all around.

But today, when I think of those days,

when I recall those memories,

I feel the spark, like I have found

something to treasure, and to lock with keys

of my mind, and open it every now and then.


And today, today was when I realized,

that the treasure chest still had some space.

For you reached me, unexpectedly.

I remember your face, those eyes

that reassured me, put me to ease.

The fights that kept me sane…

I remember all of it.

And I could not help but smile again.


​It’s a funny thing- this fate,
Full of surprises, shocks, and games.

It made us the best of friends-

From helping each other in need

To calling each other stupid names,

We’ve come a long way so far.

I do not know how to thank you

For all the support you’ve given me

When I felt I was falling down

You pulled me back up, made me stronger.

And there’s no doubt that when we part,

I will miss your stupid face and your stupid jokes.

And remember, that this is just a one time thing,

And I know I don’t say it much,

But you deserve all this appreciation,

All the happiness and all the joy in this world..

Like flocks of birds that guide each other,

You’ve guided me in tough times,

And helped me when I needed it the most..

You’ve made every rock as light as a feather

You’re an amazing friend

And I’m so happy I met you..

I wish you the happiest year and a life full of adventures.

Please stay the way you are,

Smart, friendly, humourous and caring.

You’re my brother, and my best friend too,

And here dear, I wish a very happy birthday to you!

Prism of Horror

Hearing her own breath,

In this little room of darkness

The walls reflecting her own fear,

Terror rushing through,

forming a whole prism of horror.

In this hushed room-

Solitude that is unwanted,

Silence that is unknown,

Shelter that is perilous.

Open eyes, hurting to be closed

And a beating heart that ceases to slow..

Should she fight, flight or freeze?

Desperate for aid, apprehension taking over her faith

Can’t take the risk, can’t let go.

No question of Love,

Or any sort of belongingness.

For there isn’t a soul around,

Only the cold walls, seeking to provide comfort?

Bursting with fear, the petite figure scans the room

To find a reckless opening

A mere ray of hope.

Trying to differentiate day from night,

Trying to think of the joyful reminiscences,

and failing in a miserable manner..

For that only brings the ghostly tears

Of exhaustion and starvation.

How long will it be before she gives up?

Gives in to the terrible fate,

And into the cruel hands of the unknown?

Who decides, what is courageous, brave, heroic?

For in this state, it is a mere fight

Between deception and myth,

Between chicanery and delusions,

Between uncertainty and misjudgement.

This is not how it was supposed to be

This is not how it was supposed to be

Life, as I know now, and before,

Was never this genuine, never this kind.

Twists and turns, pits and holes

Numerous, unending, unpredictable.


This is not how it was supposed to be

You, us, this unbelievable thing

Has put me into a dilemma

Can such things happen? Or am I dreaming again…

This love- the give and take

The texts, the talks, the hugs, the walks

Drive me insane, foolish and crazy

And just thinking, just thinking..

About those wonderful days which, on count,

Open only three fingers

Out of the twenty two, and it leaves me

Anticipating, imagining, how everything would be

With you there, forever.


This is not how it was supposed to be

As if life now, erroneously

Took off its restraining shackles

Or maybe it is only for the time being,

Maybe just a break…

But I would like to extend this pause,

Till the end of time

I would love to keep you, to hold you in my arms

Look at you every day, every second

To be with you in every step you take

And I would love to be the One…


This is not how it was supposed to be

For I cannot tell, how everything would be

If it weren’t for you…

How I would live without that huge smile

Plastered on my face

How my heart would be, for once,

Beating slow and normal

And how my stomach would feel

Without those notorious butterflies…

I do not want it that way

I love how every day is with you

As if I’m looking at the world now,

Through a colourful lens

And I do not want to let go

Ever. Never.


Maybe then, I can say,

You and I. And us,

Wasn’t chance, fate or destiny.

Maybe then, after all,

This is how it was supposed to be.



A cold, indifferent wind
to me that speaks it’s mind.
This world, oh this blue world,
The only ‘one-of-its kind’.

“Break your bubble” they say
“You’ll know what’s really out there!”
But am I ready? Or is it too soon?
Because love, I don’t have a spare.

New places, people, new languages,
make me feel surrounded, but alone..
Roaming bravely; exploring curiously,
while homesickness slowly curls on.

Searching for something domestic,
searching for something known.
Something that brings me memories,
something that makes me feel home.

“It’s just a matter of time,
all things will be alright..
Turn some leaves over,
and, my friend, there will be the light.”

Embellish Yourself

It might seem too much at once
For too fast do things now go
To wait, oh why wait?
For we’ve delayed enough

It’s a question, something to wonder about
Wait for the right time,
Or make the time right?
Seems to be at all times, a huge dilemma

Learning with experience
Or the mould that shapes you
Go ahead, make mistakes
And do it all over again

Go with the flow,
Let your thoughts guide you
Intuition being the master
And reality your leader

Responsibilities, worries, will keep pouring in
Live the present, forget the past
And you will see, my friend,
Future will embellish itself.